home-build kayak erg plans?

Does anyone have plans for a home-built kayak erg using the hardware from an old NordicTrack?

I’ve seen the Youtube videos explaining the finished product, but I’d rather build from plans than watching a video.



Not mine, but
Brian made one just as you describe. I think he has a build thread somewhere on the boards that explains his method more in depth. At aluminum, you could message him and see if he has any records of his build


I’d like to build one of these myself, so if you find a good tutorial, could you post the link to it in this thread?

instruction on home brew kayak erg
Full manual on how to convert a used nordic track ski machine to a fully functional kayak erg

The erg works great and is just as fluid and water like as any commercial unit.


I built one of the originals on YouTube and don’t have written plans, but have a parts list and “how to” step-by-step video for purchase. It is the most compact design I’ve seen at only 62" in overall length and no ugly “bed frame” hanging off the front. The flywheel is under the paddler’s legs for a nice, smooth experience.