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Friend of mine left this with me last year when he moved to Greenland. Too small for me to paddle but it really ties the room together


Wow! Nice gift. I’d paint that wall a lighter color for the contrast.


I would paint the niche with a mural of the Greenland coast!


Willow and Rookie are kind. I would pirate that fine craft and paddle into eternity about right now.
Until I lose about 100lbs keep it up high so Paris doesn’t eat the deck rigging.

MP gift you that totem?
Peace J…

It really does, DUDE!

Hopefully Wu won’t micturate towards the ceiling.

Oh, and don’t let your special lady friend’s trapeze rigging scratch that beautiful woodwork!

I am the Walrus?

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Great idea!

I would paint the wall to look like a blue water scene with white foam. Sort of an abstract background of rough blue water. Something along these lines I did with a crop of the water.you could use just two colors a blue and a white. Mix to lighten the blue or tint the white.

I was thinking something like Rockwell Kent’s paintings of the Greenland coast, like this below.

If I had a kayak displayed like that, for sure the cats would figure out how to get up there and sleep inside it. Between the moggies and the big centipedes (who I allow to patrol my basement to keep it clear of cockroaches and other less shy pests) I always have to keep cockpit covers on when my boats are in the house.

ADDED: Speaking of critters in cockpits, I once left my old “pointy” whitewater boat on its side in the yard overnight and when I hoisted it to my shoulder in the morning (should have thought to check it first) a squirrel scrabbled out of the hull and ricocheted off my hip. Scared the crap out of both of us. I found a small stash of acorns inside once I’d recovered my composure. Between that experience and once realizing something was crawling up my leg inside one of my SINKs (was just a small spider) that had been in the basement, I am pretty religious about cockpit lids.

Rockwell Kent Greenland Coast

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Chuck were you published in the same Sea Kayak issue where they featured
Kayak Bill ?

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Yes. Was storing it and ended up keeping it when we moved in April. Also got his 4 piece trailer. Watched him just start building this based on his Glider.

Think it was the issue after

It’s also unlikely to be pissed on in that location, which is nice.

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{looks around for a wall big enough to hang my Greenland kayak…above waist level}

I couldn’t bear to use (and potentially scratch the “baby’s bottom” finish of) my first custom made laminated WRC GP and displayed it for months on my mantel while I used a wrong-sized beater that came with my SOF. When I finally relented and used it I felt really stupid for having waited so long to experience the pleasure of a paddle that exactly fit my metrics.

By now it has plenty of scars and “character” but I still sometimes keep it where I can admire it on the mantel. Other treasures prominently gracing my parlor decor are oil-finished vintage hickory cross country skis, a recently broken in cherrywood ottertail canoe paddle and a very old pair of rawhide-laced wooden Canadian Huron style snowshoes a friend gave me last year after finding them while clearing out a family estate. The snowshoes need some mink oil or Lexol on the bindings but will eventually be used, just as all the other pretty wooden things are.

Unfortunately, none of the rooms in my house has any dimension long enough to display the 18’ SOF indoors without taking down a ceiling light.

The first thing I do with anything new or newly made is drag it across a gravel beach or otherwise abuse it to get that out of the way. If I cant decide if I want to keep or return a new pair of shoes I walk through some mud. Problem solved.

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It was a rite when I was in grade school and high school (when virtually all girls’ athletic shoes were white and what was mandated for gym class) that some one of your friends or enemies had to be the first one to deliberately place the first scuff on your incandescent new Keds. It was always a minor personal tragedy but also a relief to “get it out of the way.”

I likely will never have this problem as an old timer once told me that “New was not in my vocabulary!”

My “New” canoe came nicely broken in.