Home made foot rest question

I am thinking of making a home made foot rest and incorporating it with an existing aluminum tube foot rest, (no rudder to worry about).

My thoughts were to use a piece of fiberglass with epoxy and wrap it around some light weight material ( ? -type).

Then using a couple of pipe type strap clamps attached to the back of it also using a couple of small fiber glass pieces epoxied to secure it.

The angle of the foot rest could be adjusted just by loosining the clamps and setting it as desired.

The two questions I have are:

  1. What would you use as a light weight backing material ? (I was thinking of perhaps finding a thin sheet of styrafoam at a craft store?)

  2. Would this set up have the strength for a foot rest?

    Thanks in advance,


I made mine from 4" minicell. Used the

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bar for support, angled it to fit my feet, glued it in with Marine Goop. The hardest thing was cutting it to fit. I got close and used small minicell wedges to fit it.
I especially like the angle to fit my feet. Much more comfortable than a bar. Doesn't adjust though.
Plenty strong and good extra floatation.

hey jack
try a piece of 1/8 luan if you are going to glass it then take a piece of pvc pipe and cut a slot along the length where you can pop it on the cross bar and use hose clamps to hold foot rest to bar and pipe.should be able to adjust easy. this will work if you have a cross bar that is fairly low.


hey Jack
check this out, probably of no interest since you are home brewing


I ordered one for the Wisper but Iā€™m thinking it will work across many kayaks.

That sounds good.
Am I correct in assuming you have the PVC pipe sticking out about an inch on each end so you can get at the clamps ?


Thanks, but no thanks
What holds it firm?

If it gets form fitting for your feet, then there is no way to move them slightly for a change of pace.

That might be good to keep yourself locked in in big time surf or WW, but I want some thing that you can pump off with.