home made kayak seat.

hi all.

I have one kayak that i would love to make it a bit more comfortable.

its a emotion fishermans pro.

i got the original seat and a oceans kayak seat for it…but still hard on my a$$.

any off you have any ideal how to make a home made kayak seats…?


homemade seat
Use a block of minifoam. It shapes easily with a Stanley Surform tool (Home Depot-cheap). Get the one that is about 1" square. Glue the seat into the hull with Contact cement. You can cover it with neoprene if you like. Use spray on contact cement for this part.

seat alterations
I have a sundance 12 that I use for fishing. Sometimes I spend the better part of a day fishing from it and it came with a questionable seat at best. The backrest was like one of those found on a sit on top kayak. It did not provide the support that I wanted so I took one of those old moulded plactic seats that used to be popular in school cafeterias and cut the back off and then bolted the back to the existing seat botton. (I removed the old seat back altogether.) I then secured a gel seat cusion to the seat bottom. The result provides a cushion for my butt and support for my back. I’ve been happy with the results.

making foam seat
I made one last week (first attempt) and it came out successfully. The 3 web sites which gave some good tips were




I sat on the 3 inch thick minni cell foam block and outlined my backside and thigh shape onto the foam. Used a steel wire wheel on power drill to remove bulk and sur-form tool for detailed shaping. The wire wheel works fast so be careful if used.


Custom shaping a minicell seat
Hey Joco,

This is from three weeks ago:


The link looks a little funky, just copy and paste the whole thing.

Good luck and let me know if you have any questions.

Pedro Almeida

p.s. A 4.5" angle grinder works quite well for removing the majority of the material. Sandpaper will finish it up nicely. Read this: http://www.oneoceankayaks.com/Wshophtm/kayakseat18a.htm

Junk store
I am sure there are junk and surplus stores around you. Go to one and findout what they have. Yes Minicell foam is great, but it is also A LOT of work… You could buy a tractor seat with a high back for like $15 american or something. You could attach it and not care at all about it. I am getting a small one for my kayak for $5. I put one in my canoe like it.

That is just a thought. Another option to look into.