Home storage with multiple boats

-- Last Updated: Jul-01-06 11:16 PM EST --

Hey paddlers. I need to get my boats out of the garage for awhile to store some new windows I ordered. I decided to make a rack that will hold six boats. This gives me room to expand my fleet a bit. Here is a picture of it, what to you think? I am going to add a long cross piece along the top and buy a big tarp and bungie it down before it rains.


Very nice setup. I wouldn’t worry about the rain hurting your boats, but the sun will!

You might want to brace the horizontal bars and then cover them with outdoor carpet.

looks very good
and it shows you care about your boats!

maybe it will become a permanent storage option? if so maybe consider a roof for the UV

garage boat racks
Very nice!

I made similar racks for storing my boats in a garage. They don’t look so nice but work just fine. I made different spacing to accomodate different boats from Kruger Sea Wind to racing kayaks.