Homemade CF GP?

Can you buy carbonfiber in tape form? Like fiberglass tape that can be purchased at local hardware stores?

If so, it should be cheaper than a roll by the sq yd…and would be easier to work with for making a greenland paddle from.

If not, I want to try to make a foam core blank and wrap it up in fiberglass, though uglier.

I am a novice when it comes to glass, resin, etc. but I’ll try anything once… not shure how many layers to lay on, but that will become more clear as the project rolls on.

If nothing else, i will wind up with trash and a little experience.

try John R Sweet
www.johnrsweet.com I just checked their site and they have some 3" tape and some tube that looks interesting. I got some carbon cloth for a repair project I’ve yet to start, they’re easy to deal with. Someone else on this board recommended them to me sometime back.

Good luck


Carbon GP

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This was discussed recently on the Qajaq USA forum. Duane Strosaker provided some information at http://www.qajaqusa.org/cgi-bin/GreenlandTechniqueForum_config.pl/noframes/read/27723 .

Greg Stamer

Thanks Greg, Randy
Greg, seeing you in the video got me going…

I dig your clip in “this is the sea” best.

I will check the link.

Duane has pictures of his construction
at http://rollordrown.com/kayak/gstick.html. I’ve seen the paddle and it looks very nice. It looks similar to the Superior Carbon stick, but I have not paddled with his------yet.

Go Cheap First…

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use fiberglass, epoxy, and extruded styrofoam (blue stuff from home improvement stores). Your first one will always be experimental and a bit rough around the edges. I would not use expensive carbon fiber for the experiment.

I think two layers of glass is needed to get some toughness and three is probably better to give you some room for mistake (and sanding). go light on the epoxy on the first couple of layers. Styrofoam can be bonded with epoxy resin. The initial shaping of the styrofoam should be done with hot wire (do a google search and you'll all sorts of "hot wire" contraptions for shaping foam). Than sand down with fine grit sand papar. Coarser grits tend to "rip" out chucks of styrofoam. Before putting on the first layer of glass, mix light filler (for faring/smoothing) with the epoxy to a peanut butter consistency and coat the foam and then sand smooth. If you don't, there is a tendency for voids (you may not even see) to give off air and create unsightly bubbles. Finally, you can add some resint tint in the last coating to give color and some UV protection. Resin tint can be found at marine stores.

I am learning this stuff from modifying a waveski. The waveski at 7'10"x25", three layers of epoxy glass, is still light at 15 pounds. I suspect a 3 layer glass and foam GP will still be lighter than a wooden counterpart.


More specifics are needed
"Three layers of glass" doesn’t mean much since fiberglass fabrics range from gossamer .55 oz./yard that looks like panty hose material to 24 oz./yard (or more) woven roving that’s way too coarse for building a paddle, or a kayak for that matter.

I Am Sure You Can Make A
recommendation. Me, I used layers of 6 oz S glass. It’s kinda course. The last layer could be a 4 oz tighter weave to more easily fill with epoxy. But, as you may know by now, I don’t really care much about the surface aesthetics as longs it functions. The modified area of my ski looks like Frankenstein with all the “scars” (or edges of weaves) showing.