homemade fire starters

I thought you might enjoy this short video we made showing how to make homemade fire starters.



we use the cotton balls and vaseline …
… also have have 5 paper birch here in the back . The cotton balls work really well .

Interesting vid. combining the stuff like that .

Lint and Snoseal

– Last Updated: Apr-08-13 7:58 PM EST –

Very long burn time from combined dryer lint fibers
and mixing in few tablespoons of SnoSeal.
Specially effective for difficult damp fire conditions


Put in sealed metal box from mints or other candy.

Works great in conjunction with some
homemade Char Cloth and a Magnesium stick
or one hand Spark-Lite™


I use dryer link soaked with parafin
in the egg carton. Works great.

Or old 2cycle gas.