Homemade Skirts

Has anybody made their own Kayak Skirt?

I have not, but here is a link

I make my own
The instructions on this link will help you out a lot. http://redoorninkayak.embarqspace.com/#/sprayskirt/4530714805

Are you Tom in RI?
If you are, get in touch with us at OSA. We have some tandem nylon sprayskirts in inventory with the waists already built. You may be able to cut the deck to size. I’ve thought about it, just never had the time (too many boats to fix!)


I am the other Tom from Florida.

Thanks for the links everybody.

In the process of
stitching the shock-cord to the neoprene. It consumes some time, so I’ve been tackling it in 15/20 min. shifts. Used this site for ideas: