Homesite Webcam

Is there a webcam of your usual paddling venue that you use to see what you are missing, whether conditions are good, who showed up today? I would be curious to see them.

Here’s a photo of my usual put-in which is about 15 minutes from home. It’s on Shilshole Bay. Here’s the link.

Can I see yours?

Downtown: for my daily paddle
Riverside: on way to Overstreets place

for some of the ‘abis’ trips (around barrier island series)
Jekyll Island
Fernandina: for trip around Cumberland I
St Augustine: for trip around Anastasia I

Jax Beach: surf sundays (actually, I’m a couple miles north at Hanna Park)

This isn’t where I launch, but I look here to see if there’s fog. The rocky shore in the distance on the far right is a good gauge.

Wow! You have a bunch to choose from. Very cool. Here’s another that I look too now and again but more for watching approaching weather:

Nice! Is it foggy often or is it a seasonal thing?

Nice view of downtown Seattle;
the Sound, Lake Union, Lake Washington in distance (that’s where I did most my paddling when I was there), Mount Rainier, I’m getting dizzy.
Is REI visible?
When I left the area years ago, WAMU was not yet in bankruptcy (I contracted there for a while).

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It could be foggy any time, but mostly on a cooler day with a high dew point temperature. It will often burn off sometime in the morning.

The roof is visible looking pretty much due east, up against the freeway. Large flat roof with two very large, enclosed HVAC units and downtown Bellevue in the distance.

I paddled Thomas Creek for about an hour after work today. Very relaxing and mostly shade. Worth checking out and seems near you

Of the ‘Four Creeks’, Boggy is the only one I’ve been on, will have to try out Tom sometime.

I didn’t even know about the others.

Not familiar with Thomas Creek. Do you have a webcam address that shows conditions?

No webcam address. But it’s on the end of Ethel Rd by the Jacksonville national cemetery. I’m paddling again today if the rain holds off.

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Looking at The Jacksonville cams the weather looks pretty nice but I’m unfamiliar with Florida weather patterns. Is it the sort of day that will overdevelop or is weather moving in?

I don’t remember if there was a season associated with it, but, as you can count on fog in Puget Sound, you can count on afternoon thunderstorms in Florida in the summer.
So, while the webcams are fun to look at, they are just a snapshot of the ‘now’, not the ‘later’.
(I like those ‘hour by hour’ predictors that weather stations have, though usually just use for my paddling planning)

Radar looks good. I’ll be on the water in about an hour and a half