Homosassa Springs, FL (Pics)

This is my first post on the message board!

Hi… my name is David and I live in Orlando, FL

I just wanted to share some photos from a 11 mile trip my girlfriend (Emily) and I went on a few weeks ago. We rented a Tsunami 120 and a Tsunami 140 from Wilderness Systems. We have went kayaking 8 times in the last 3 months in different kayaks and we think we’ve finally found the perfect boat to buy. We fell in love with the tsunami’s. I really like the speed of the boat - as well as the stability for photography.


Hope you enjoy the pictures. Kayaking has opened up a whole new world for my passion - which is nature photography.

You got some great shots, Dave. We have taken a couple of winter vacations in Florida to do some paddling and I am always so impressed with the wildlife. Look forward to seeing more of you photographs and some trip reports from your paddling adventures. Welcome to P.net.


to the board and to the sport of paddling! Awesome photos, the 20D in the right hands can amaze all. Glad you found a new to way to enjoy your passion. Watch out though because paddling can be addictive too. Keep the photos coming!

water safety
Hope the manatee does not upset your boat seeing that you do not have a PFD on!!

Welcome … Now You’re Hooked!
Great pictures! Looks like you’re having a ball.

This is also a good time to learn good habits. A PFD should always be worn. It’s like wearing a seat belt, it becomes second nature and natural.

Enough prostelizing. Welcome to the wonderful world of Kayaking!

Nice shots!
Lots of wildlife there eh?

Thanks for all the comments. I will heed everybodies advice and start wearing a pfd from now on. Every place that we have rented kayaks from has told us that we don’t need to wear them, and we can put them in the hatch if we like. 2 weeks ago my girlfriend and I did a 15 mile paddle in the Gulf of Mexico and it wasn’t till 2 hours into the trip when I realized that the rental store didn’t give us ANY pfd’s!! I have since created a checklist for paddling… since I don’t want to become a statistic. Here are some of the pics from that trip…


It was very difficult getting to my camera case in the SOT kayak, so I didn’t take that many pictures.

Nice work.
Welcome to P.net David. You have some great shots there.

I am in your area often, and have paddled the same places you’ve shown here. It’s quite beautiful there. It’s nice to see the monkeys are still there and the place is still in good shape. Good to have you aboard.


Ah yes Homasasa
Back when I was a young ambitous man, about a hundred pounds ago I rode the Cross Florida Bike Ride ending at Homasasa. A quaint little retirement, fishing village as I recall. I now realize how I got to be a 100 pounds more, thats was a 176 mile one day ride and I haven’t done that since.