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I finally broke down and purchased a newer vehicle…I selected a Honda CRV that is equiped to have a roof rack but currently does not have one installed. I am just wondering if anyone has a CRV and if they use the Honda factory rack or another brand.

My Honda Dealer

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on a new Honda several years ago on an Accord, actually suggested that if I was going to use the racks functionally, NOT to get the factory racks but to get aftermarket clamp on style. He said that the aftermarket brands were stronger. I went with the removable style and a cargo box and it worked like a charm on camping trips all over the U.S. I am interested to see what other opinions you receive from this thread as I will be purchasing a new vehicle in the not so distant future.

roof rack on new CRV

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Is the CRV a 2012 or 2013 or a used older model?

If it is 20012 or 2013, there is an adaptor bracket made by Thule (fit kit 3118) that fits the Honda CRV flush rails. A Thule foot (Rapid Podium 460R) fits on this bracket and of course accepts Thule roof rails. With this set up I was able to mount 56" Thule Aero bars-much wider width than the very narrow "attached inside the rails" crossbars that Honda sells for this car. Aero bars are also quieter when driving at highway speeds than round or square bars.

Hood loops (available on line and at many kayak shops) can be fitted under hood at fender bolts to give front tie-downs. The bolts on the newest CRVs are under a rubber strip and closer to the windshield than ideal, but did work. Gently lift the rubber up and you can reach the bolts with the rubber still in place. The new Rav4 has hard plastic over the fender bolts, so I used a couple of bolt holes that were more forward to install hood loops-where there is a will, there is a way. Most times you can do better than the OEM set-up racks for their reduced utility vehicles.

I will soon be selling the Thule fit kit brackets and the Thule feet for the CRV at 1/2 price as I just traded in the 2012 CRV for a 2013 Rav4. I'm keeping the aero bars to install on the Rav4. Email if interested-I have to look up the new price for them to set the 1/2 price amount. Just got the Rav4 this week and have been spending my time getting it ready for transporting boats. I also will be selling a set (front and back) of gray WeatherTech digital fit floor mats for the CRV in very good condition for 1/2 price.

The vague steering and lack of center feel of the 2012 CRV at interstate speeds continuously annoyed me over 10,000 miles of use. In most other aspects it was a nice design.


Honda CRV for Transporting
We have a 2004 Honda CR-V with factory roof racks. We use a Thule Hull-a-port Pro Rack. We have 2 pair of them and they have worked quite well for the last 4 years. We chose the Hull-a-port Pro so we had the option of folding them down so the CRV would easily fit under the garage door opening, so the CRV could be housed each night inside our garage and when bad thunderstorms with hail were forecasted for our area of upstate NY.

My daughter has one, and…
she was able to remove some sort of widjits on the roof and was able to install a after market rack.

I am quite sure it’s a Thule, although I know she uses both Yakama and Thule carriers.

I’ll ask her about the whole nine yards and report back.

Jack L

2012 and 2013 CRV roof rails
The new model CRV has flush rails. On the inside there are 8 oval plugs covering the bolt holes for the crapy Honda rack. Thule makes brackets that screw into the Honda ports mentioned above. A Thule foot bolts to the bracket, one model for their square bar and one for the aero bar. There are a number of ways to get wider crossbars bar than the very narrow Honda crossbars.

Factory Racks
I have the 2011 CRV with factory racks. I use the Thule J racks with them and haven’t had any problems over the 2 plus years i have used them. I have crammed 3 kayaks on the roof with no problem. The factory racks are easy to take off if you need to as well. (i remove mine in the winter when i am not kayaking, its easier to clean the snow off!)

kudos to Honda
Crappy rack or not, this sounds like a pretty slick setup. It’ll keep people from drilling holes in their cars, if nothing else, and it hides the connection points when not in use.

I have a factory rack and used the universal mighty mounts to attach mako saddles

Works fine