Honda CRV Rack Advice

I’m thinking of trading my 97 Blazer for a 2005 CRV soon. One thing I do like about the Blazer is that the rear crossbar is close to the rear of the Blazer, making loading with Hully Rollers easy. (I use Yakima racks over the factory rack)

How will this set up work on a CRV? Anyone have one, using the Hully Rollers? Is the rear cross bar near enough to the back of the CRV to make the Rollers useable without the kayak hitting the roof or rear hatch?

Are you using the standard CRV racks? Yakima racks?


I have a 2004 CR-V with Thule racks. The rear crossbar on mine is positioned too far forward to allow for an easy roll on with the Thule system-the span between the crossbars is quite close. I tried the Thule rollercoaster, and scrapped it immediately-POC. I’d been using the Hydroglide pads, which I feel similarly about-they allow the boat to shift side to side. Just took those off and run four Set to Go saddles-not so easy to get the boat on and off. I did protect the back area of the roof/hatch with heavy clear plastic film used to cover motorcycle dirt bike number plates. When I do hit the back on occasion sliding the boat on and off, it slides against the plastic, not the paint.

rack limitations for the CRV
great vehicle, i love my 03, carry sea yaks all the time.

the crossbar spread is far too small. Honda made the spread to accomodate most car toppers: cyclists mounting bike racks with the trays. you won’t be able to slide on from the back.

i just got the landing pads 7 from Yakima with the intention of mounting them permanently into the roof in order to maximize cross bar spread for boats. some think i’m crazy to do this given the nice clean system in place but it drives me bonkers not to have the right roof rack system for my needs as a paddler, so i’m going to make it right by drilling into my roof and mounting the permanent landing pads.

Landing Pads?
I’m not familar with the Landing Pads or their function. Are they mounts to the roof that allow the cross bars to be attached to them? By using these you are able to bring the rear cross bar closer to the rear of the CRV? If this is true, then you do not really need the factory rack, as the Landing Pads would become the primary ( and only ) mount for the cross bars?

CRV With A Bath Mat

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I have an '03 and went to the great Yakima website. I got the whole order for crossbars, towers, and landing pads in less than 20 minutes. I could not believe how good the fit was. It all bolted into the Honda factory fittings with no problems. I then got a set of Land Shark saddles on Ebay. I throw an old bath mat rubber side up over the back of the roof, set the bow on that and slide my boats up into the saddles. This works very well and leaves the CRV unscared. You will really like this Honda. It will get you, and your boats everywhere! Do not get the Honda rack, the rail fittings that come with the vehicle work fine for the Yakima fit.

Yakima HullRaisers
On my 04 CRV, I use the Yakima landing pads attached to the CRV’s rails and Yakima HullRaisers attached to the crossbars. This has worked great for me, including a recent 1,800 mile road trip.

Have to add in Thule. I have used Thule for over 40 years. They are strong, safe, and easy to use.

They have an online configurator that will let you design your rack. You can shop on line for price. THey have great phone technical support.

I have put them on Accords, Fords, and currently a Nissan Pathfinder. I have put Lasers, dinghys, canoes, kayaks, plywood, and other building materials on the roof of my cars. They are desinged to fit properly, with accessories that safely attach your boat to the car.

If you change cars, all you have to do is change the mounting foot, keeping the major parts. It is a good long term investment. The cross bars are rectangular, which has additional advantages.