Honda Fit and car topping boats

Does anyone have any advice re whether or not you can car top kayaks or canoes on the newer Honda Fit models?

My 2006 Subaru Forester is on her last legs and the new Foresters are too big!

Ideas please …

Thank you …

See you on the water (if I can find a good car)


Thule rack kit 1751

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and Hullavator a perfect fit for my 2016 Honda Fit.

Fun car to drive.

Edited to add the Hullavator is for hauling kayaks only. If I had a canoe, I imagine it could be easily carried on the other side of the rack.

08 Fit
I’ve been carrying 2 kayaks or a 17’ MR Explorer on a Yakima rack for 8 years, never has any problems. By the way, my Fit hit 260,000 miles last week. Still drives as good as the day I bought it.

I’m am leary about the 2016 model, I can’t figure out how to attach front tie downs to the car. No where underneath to hook too, and not enough metal under the hood for straps. I NEVER carry without front and rear tie downs.

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Seals Quickie Hood Loops

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work nicely with the 2016 Honda Fit.

There's also an eye bolt stored with the tire changing tools. You pop out the cover on the front bumper and screw it into the front frame.

Awesome mileage on your 2008 Fit!

hood loops
I put off getting a 2016 because of not figuring how to hook to the front. Where did you mount the loops?

The problem with the towing eye is that it is off to one side.

The great thing about my 08 is that there is a steel channel behind the bumper cover, just slide a hook thru the grill opening and hook to the channel.

I use one hood loop.

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It fits snugly in the space next to the windshield washer bottle.

Also, I carry one boat and my cradles are on the passenger side.

Toggle loops
Do you trust the toggles? I’d feel better using the bolt on straps.

Not road tested yet,
as my boat’s still at the pool and we had over a foot of snow dumped here yesterday, so there’s no reason to bring it home yet.

I did try pulling the loop from side to side with the hood closed and it didn’t budge and it certainly won’t pull free, absent opening the hood, so I don’t see any reason not to trust it.

I just popped the hood on my Fit and it looks like there may be a couple of places you could drill a hole on each side and bolt them in. Might even be able to use the existing holes on those yellow gizmos above the headlights.

So much plastic in new cars…

I’ll take another look under the hood of a 2016.

They make a fit kit for the Fit. I have their set with a stretch kit on my 2015 Fit, and I carry two sea kayaks on it with no issue.

Bow and stern lines are attached to the rear loop under the bumper, and I use the tow loop on the front for bow lines.

Newer design Fit
The newer Fits the roof is weaker. Inno says max load 100 pounds. Already reports of dented roofs on the Honda Fit/Freak forums. I had a 2008 Fit but passed on the new design and got a new Nissan Versa note. I really liked my 2008 fit Sport. But couldn’t go that way again. At first only Inno had a rack and initially said 80 pound limit they then upped it to 100 pound. Thule told me they weren’t sure if they would ever have a rack of course 1 month later (2 weeks after I bought Versa) they had one, that was back in Sept. 2015. Thule gives same 130 pound rating they did on older Fits. I sure wouldn’t over load the rack. I saw a guy with 4 sea kayaks on a 2008 Fit when I was up in Canada. Bad idea for the new one.

Rack sits on frame, not roof.

When my Thule rack was installed they wheeled out a table next to the car, holding all the parts and tools. My installer said that because of fuel efficiency mandates, the sheet metal on all new vehicles is thinner so they’re careful when installing racks to avoid any contact with the roof. When they finished, the roof was still (and remains) pristine.

I’ve read some of those roof dent comments on the Fit forum, as well as on the Suburu and other brand forums. Don’t see how anyone can put a permanent dent in a roof while polishing the car, unless they’re using an electric polisher and a lot of pressure. Or they have a lot more muscle than I do. I don’t believe any story about a cat jumping on the roof and denting it, unless it was a mountain lion.

The Thule is rated for 135# so it’s not an issue for me as my current kayak weighs 43# and my next one will be of similar weight or lighter.

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Correct positioning
As was said below, the rack sits on the frame if installed properly. And, two sea kayaks weigh about 100 Lbs.

The only “issue” I have has nothing to do with the rack system - the car is tougher to keep going straight in the wind with a couple of 18 footers on the roof.

I thought that was you
who got one. So you like it?

As a small car fan I’m glad to hear it has no problems cartopping.

If directed to me,

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yes - Fox Honda of Grand Rapids delivered it to my driveway late December. Had four snow tires installed the next day. It handles snow pretty well.

I have the six-speed manual. Silkiest transmission I've ever driven. It's a zippy little car; fun to drive.

Tow loop
I just pull the front tow loop out of the trunk, and put in it’s attachment point in the front bumper. That ain’t breaking.

yes, thank you
Glad to hear it. I’ve always liked the Fit but it’s gotten better with each version.

Hi Julia,
I’ve hauled a 90 pound Seaward Passat on my 07 and my 16 Fits. I use the Yakima rack system with the sweet roll paddle rests.

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