Honda Fit rack.........

Need to know if anyone has this vehicle…2015 or 2016.equipped with Yakima BASELINE TOWERS and round bars. I am aware of how sketchy the Q-towers fit this vehicle, wanting to slide towards the rear, and wonder if baseline towers are any better, due to sitting in a roof channel on the top plane of the roofline, vs halfway over the edge with Q towers. Thanks for experienced input.

2016 Fit here, but it carries a
Thule rack and Hullavator. If you can’t come up with an answer, try contacting Marshall at The River Connection. I’m not sure if he carries Yakima, but he may be able to offer a solution.

…I did, and he did.

That’s great.
Glad you made the connection.

Super little car, BTW.

Heavy Metal
BB did touch base but what he didn’t mention in his post was his creation of an uber engineered Slipstreem/Vee Cradle repurposing some long Yakima bars and Marco Kayak Saddles. The crossbar attachment with a pair of Yakima wrap arounds per corner was particularly ingenious. Good job!

At that carrier bar spread, trim 1.5" off either side of the Marco and the skinnier taper of the sea kayak won’t be as prone to swim around on the cradle inside the strap.

See you on the water,


The River Connection, Inc.

Hyde Park, NY

Another MacGyver!