Honda Fit?

OK, so if my Jimmy is really on its last legs, I need another vehicle. Cash for Clunkers is only if you’re buying a new car, so that’s what I’m looking at.

I’d like a Forester but can’t afford it so am looking for a cheaper alternative.

How about a Honda Fit?

Impressive little car
I test drove one 2 years ago, when I was considering getting another car. It has a deceptively large amount of cargo space for it’s size, and absolutely ingenious interior design to create that space.

It’s got good power and MPG’s, too. Handling in the sport model is very good. Only drawback is mounting racks on it - very short bar spread. However, I located aftermarket roof rails that were rated to 200 lbs, and a place that would install them locally had I bought the car, so it wouldn’t have been an issue.

It’s a basic car with a few frills if you get the sport model that will get you where you want to go reliably, and for a lot less gas than your Jimmy did.

FIT good

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I agree with Wayne. I installed Yakima rails and pads in July 2006 and everything has held up well. I don't know about drilling positions on new model FIT but you could ask RackAttack or some other aftermarket supplier. Since the photos I've also added under the hood nylon straps for tie downs.

Have 09
Sport 5 speed and I love it. I haul 2 canoes on a Yakima Q-tower rack. Mileage without boats for me with 5 speed is 41 highway,35 city.The auto yields the same mileage. Ignore what the sticker says. I belong to a Fit message board,and most owners are getting same mileage. Now with the boats loaded you can expect a 3-4mpg drop.Very good visability all the way around. Fit & finish are is very good. Seating for 4 people is comfortable,and rear is surprising in leg room and head room.Seat height is higher then expected,giving the feel being in a bigger car. Cargo hauling is excellent for a small car. The rear seats folded down will haul a 4 drawer chest no problem. The reat seat bottoms will fold up to allow a bike to be put in the rear doors across behind the front seats with the front wheel off. Only negitives,no outside temperature reading{had on trade in and miss it} and Sport front nose body work scrapes in some curbs,and quick rising pavement.

I use nylon underhood straps for front tiedowns,and if windy when driving I use rear detachable bumper mount tow ring for rear tiedowns.

Fun little car to drive,not a roccket,but it holds it’s own on the freeway. Shifting gears is silk smooth,and even a big footed guy like me has no problem with foot peddles. I find excuses to drive it. Check one out.


Honda Fit gas milage
Consumers Reports has the best gas milage figures for any car, as they test a car they purchased anonymously (not a factory car that might have been altered or specially tuned.) They test it on actual roads, not machines like the Feds do. They use fixed loops representing “city” driving and “highway” driving. The actual gas used is determined by external meters they temporarily install, not dashboard gages. Most of the inflated figures people post are based on dashboard figures, which are inflated. One can get better milage by the techniques used by the milage pros but few drive that way on a day to day basis.

Overall, the Honda Fit manual was 33 mpg overall (mix of highway and city driving results) and Fit auto was 30 mpg. Both are good figures and they recommend the car.

Fit is GOod
I have an '09 Fit with an Inno rack from ORS. The Inno is solid, but the rubber feet have a “universal” sort of fit. But I still prefer the fit to a Yakima setup I saw. It’s solid and makes no marks on my roof which is what’s important to me.

I have front and rear tiedowns that attach to a horizontal steel inner bumper front and rear. In the front, a permanent webbing tiedown strap is now hidden just below the license plate. In the rear, there is a now a permanent plastic covered rope that hangs just below the bumper. Of course, by “permanent” I just mean I leave them there. They could be removed in a minute or two. You can crawl under the back of the car and easily see the inner steel beam I’m talking about. You have to feel for it in the front or remove part of the grill to see it (easy).

I’m very satisified with the Fit as a kayak hauler. MPG and fun-to-drive factor are great too.

Honda Fit
I have owned a 2008 Fit for over one year and haul kayaks virtually every week. I second all the previous posters’ comments about it being fun-to-drive, very spacious for its size,and economical. For kayaking and camping, it is sort of a ‘microvan’. I get 40 mpg highway with two folding kayaks INSIDE the car. If I have two kayaks on the roof on my Yakima rack, I get only a little over 30 mpg driving 65-70 mph - quite a mileage reduction. Overall though, it is my favorite car that I have owned, and I am 63 years old. It is a blast to drive, and it really suprises people when we drive up and unload all our camping gear and two (13 and 16-ft) kayaks from inside the car.

Check Civic ~=mpg
We chose Civic in `08, it may be easier (lower) to load and had,I thought, more sophisticated suspension.

Drive, like the test paddle, will tell. For us, with many trips beyond Warren, it was better.

What about towing/snow/ground clearance?
Thanks for your responses. Wow - sounds like a great car. Can it tow a light trailer? How is it on snow?

Sounds like the ground clearance isn’t that great - ??

Honda Fit
No doubt they are great car. They get great reviews and most that own a Fit like it. My wife and I were recently in the market for a new car and thought we were going to buy a Fit, until we test drove it. I had gone on a lot of internet forums and new it had a reputation for having a rough ride, but didn’t really appreciate it until I test drove it. The ride really did remind me of a go cart. We felt every pebble in the road. It has a very, very stiff suspension. Note that the model we test drove was the sport, not sure if other models are the same. I also did not find the driving position all that comfortable. Make sure you take it on a good test drive before you buy it.

As a side note, we bought a Mazda 5 and love it.

Mazda 5
Good choice. I own a Fit and my wife drives a Mazda 5. Yes, the Fit does ride and handle like a go-kart, which is why I like it. The Mazda 5 is a great highway cruiser. It rides and handles more like an expensive German car (BMW or Mecedes). We like both our cars - they are two of the best cars for the price.

Both handle O.K. in the snow, but neither is rated for towing anything.

my buddy regularly puts a canoe and a kayak on top of his fit


No towing,and…

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The ground clearance is about standard for a economy car. The nose is long and with the Sport had extended aero lip under bumper. I have had it drag of some high curbs,or quickly rising pavement.{no visable damage from above} If you don't hit places you suspect as a problem at a high speed then there is no problem,just when the car is has the suspension compressed at when hitting at higher speeds. Manual states "towing is not reccommended". They make hitches for them,but most owners are using them for receiver bike racks only. I suspect if you do tow,you would violate the warranty,and depending on the trailer size & weight,be endangering the safety of your self & others.To date I have not seen any current or past models towing anything. Have seen bike racks a plenty though. Sport Model has rear wing over rear window,and most strap on bike racks won't work.


I know it isn’t recommended, but
are any of you Fit owners pulling small trailers with these cars?