Honda Fit

Anyone use a Honda Fit as a boat hauler? Pros/cons? My old reliable is getting not so reliable, and since I do a lot of solo traveling, I’m thinking it’s time for something newer. Thanks for any and all insight.

Along the same lines, I’ve used a Nissan Versa for a few years now and really couldn’t be happier. I’ve had a pair of sea kayaks up there with no problems. It’s a good height, in that I’m a short guy and can still car top with relative ease. Put the back seats down and you have tons of room for gear in the hatch. Good car.

I have a 2008 Honda Fit Sport I have two kayak holders on it. A set of V-vbars and a set of V-saddles. I usually only take one kayak but sometimes take two. I was up in Canada last year were a guy came in with 4 kayaks on his Honda Fit. He had extra wide bars and made some kind of metal thing up front were the kayaks bows would rest on it. Here is an older picture of just my J-bars with a eddyline Nighthawk 16 that I used to own. I now put my 17’9" NDK on my roofs V-saddles and sometimes my other plastic 14 footer on the j-bars.

Honda Fit
I have a 2010 Fit (Sport)that I use to haul a kayak trailer (3 kayaks). I also haul a 16’ aluminum boat (25hp mtr)& trailer.

On the highway, the naked car gets 38 miles per gallon (at the speeds I care to drive), 32 in my normal driving around town, and 28 when pulling a trailer.

I chose not to put a rack on the car, since even the bare rack cuts mileage by 5-10%. The trailer robs me of mileage, but only when I’m going kayaking or fishing.

My kayak trailer was made from an old boat trailer and the springs are too heavy for the kayaks. I added PVC tubes filled with sand to add weight so the kayaks ride better.


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We use a 2007 Fit. I pieced together a Thule rack with (mostly) used parts from ebay; it works fine for carrying 2 Kayaks on top. 3 Would be impressive but apparently is possible. I highly recommend the hood loopy things you can buy (google Thule 530 for an example of what I'm talking about. there are plenty of other manufacturers too) as there are not really any good bow and stern line attachment points. 1 pair for the hood and 1 pair for the rear hatch. We just leave the rack on the car most of the time, change in fuel economy hasn't been significant enough to matter with the bare racks. With the boats on top is another story though.