Honda Pilot and roof racks

My 2006 Pilot has a factory rack with that slopes towards the front and rear. As such there’s about 41 inches of useful space on which to position saddles.

Is this enough of a spread to carry sea kayaks of 15 and 17 foot lenghts? I’ve never had this issue since my last vehicle had very long roof rails. I don’t see anything on the Yakima site about optimal spread.

Anyone carrying their boats ontop of a Honda Pilot?


I’m using a saris rack on my 2003 honda pilot. Their manual says their saddles need a minimum of 24 inches spacing…so I’d assume that your measurement is fine. Call the manufacturer to make sure if you have any question. You should use front and rear tie downs too.

The space between my bars is 48",
my kayak is almost 14 ft, my canoe 17, its been no problem with either. I doubt the shorter distance you note is enough to be a problem.

I use a Yakima rack system with Malone
J-Stackers on my Honda Element. I have a 29.5" spread and I use 58" bars. This configuration handles two Romany. I have driven hundreds of miles with this set up and the kayaks ride well.

Not sure if this helps. You can see pictures of the setup at:

You can see the setup in the “May 2006 Campland San Diego” photo album.

You can also get a shot of the Element with kayaks at:

You have to sit through some pictures of us on Lake Tahoe and Prosser Lake first!