Honeymoon resorts in Barbados

Hi all,

My wedding day is on 20th of September. Arrangements are going on. I’m waiting for that day. Even though we have more days to go, we have already started our honeymoon plans. I was searching for some beautiful places where we can enjoy for a month. While searching online, I came across a place called Barbados. I saw some beautiful pictures. I have never been to that place till now. But after watching all those pics and after a bit research about the place, I thought of taking her to that place. Hope it will be a memorable time. I came to know that there are several resorts and good restaurants as well. I saw some good honeymoon resorts in Barbados which provide good packages. I would like to know more about the place. Which would be the best time to visit the place?

All your suggestions and replies will be highly appreciated.

Thanks in advance

I kind of doubt that many people on this forum go to such resorts for their vacation trips. Most avid kayakers and canoeists are more likely to camp or rent cabins or cottages near the water. You would get better suggestions by browsing the reviews on sites like TripAdvisor. I’ve visited several islands in the Caribbean but never Barbados. I’ve heard that it’s a lovely place – bear in mind that it is a foreign country and you will both need to have passports to travel there. If you are planning to go there in September you should be applying for passports soon if you don’t already have them. Apparently there is a backlog for having them processed now due to increasing Federal security. And you had better check on what problems your fiancee might have if she adopts your name after marriage and it does not match the passport.

You may even need passports by then to fly to a honeymoon location in the USA if you don’t live in a state that is re-issuing driver’s licenses that will conform to the Homeland Security guidelines for use as ID for domestic airline flights (my state of PA has not conformed yet and seems to be having some bureaucratic conflicts about making the change.)

If you do have conforming driver’s license ID (but no passport) you can visit US territories in the Caribbean without a passport, including the US Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico. I’ve been to St. Croix in the USVI, staying at the Carambola Resort on the north shore – it was quite a beautiful place with a spa and lovely suites on a private beach cove.

Honeymoon resort “packages” are only likely to be about a week in length. if you plan to stay somewhere for a month, I suggest you look into private rentals on the VRBO website (Vacation Rentals By Owner). I’ve found apartments and cottages through them several times – they are much less costly and usually more spacious and private than resorts. I just spent 10 days in a fantastic rental cottage in England I found through VRBO that was only $85 per day.

I realize I haven’t been able to offer you actual advice on Barbados, but I hope some of the information proves helpful. Independent reviews on TripAdvisor would give you a lot of useful feedback.