hong kong 4 peaks

the hong kong 4 peaks race is a mix of sailing and hill running. an inflateable kayak for 2 seems to be the best solution for getting crew ashore. what would be the best option. if we have wind, then 4 short paddles with one that may have waves up to 4 ft (but only over short distance, 200 yds maybe). if less wind, then longer paddles of anything up to about 3 miles. so after something that can handle the surf but still be able to paddle reasonably quickly over a longer distance. this race is once a year so cost is a factor. any help from you, as the experts, to a sailor trying to win a great race would be very much appreciated. thanks.

Penry the mild mannered janitor
What brands do you have access to. I’m assuming you will need to source locally.

Depending on your skill and space on the boat a hard shell will be quicker. You’ll need to store the inflatable inflated or waste time pumping any way. Knowing how long it can take to launch from a larger boat I’d be tempted to jump in and swim the shorter legs and maybe a fast SOT for longer stretches.

“The Hong Kong Kung Fu Book of Tricks" says it might be worth calling in over at treasure island, there were some “number one super guy” kayakers working there but I think they maybe having an adventure in Thailand right now.

4 peaks

thanks for that. not tied to local suppliers which is good. swimming option is there, but january even here can be pretty cold.

we raced this year using an inflateable dinghy. pumping up between peaks was not a problem so with only a 30ft boat, hoping to stick with the inflateable idea.

any thoughts on the sea-eagle 330? we opted to not go for a hard two man kayak this time as it is physically pretty big. maybe i should just get a bigger baoat