Honolulu Kayak Rentals

Has anyone ever rented a kayak in the Honolulu area? We will be vacationing there in April for about 2 weeks and I’d like to rent a kayak one day and paddle around the Island. I usually paddle at home in the Chesapeake in my Wilderness Systems Cape Horn and would like to rent something similar, not an “Ocean” Kayak. Thanks in advance for any advice anyone has. John R. Bour / Johnrbour@gmail.com

Well I’ve taken my Cal 25 around the island. I’ve raced a Yamaha 33 around. But never paddled a circumnavigation nav of the island in a seakayak. The Molokai channel between Diamond Head and Chinamans hat (before PC) can be real impressive. The north shore can be 30 ft waves in winter. You’d have to pick your weather. “One day” ? The race around Ohau was a three days. Sheltered water is some what limited.

Go Bananas used to be THE PLACE to rent kayaks on Oahu. I have not been for many years but if they are still in business check the reviews and they are probably the best price and customer service. They can also guide you to the best places to put in for the paddling ability you have, and give you advice on not antagonizing locals. Chances are you are not going to find a SINK to rent in Hawaii, the locals know what kind of boats work well for their waters and are good safety risks for rentals. Little kids can out paddle you in “Ocean Kayaks” there, so be respectful.