Honoring a Well Lived Life

This is not a post mortem. Just want to take moment in this day to honor what seemed to be a well-lived life. Godspeed to another outdoors person who went on ahead.



and its a well used family friendly trail
If she was ice climbing…well its been too warm and folks use helmets
I think she was just on the trail and not the cliff
what a shame

It sounds like a freak accident. Although I’ve climbed ice quite a bit at Frankenstein, we always just walked the railroad tracks to the various routes and I’m not sure I’ve ever been on that trail. Is that the one that goes to the upper cliff? I agree that it’s really sad, but at least she was doing something she enjoyed and probably never knew what hit her. There are definitely much worse ways to go.

BTW, climbing helmets are pretty close to being a joke. They do offer protection from minuscule falling objects and having an ice tool pop out and hit you in the head (been there, done that, got the stitches), but they won’t protect you from anything substantial that drops on you. When ice falls on its own, it tends to be in large chunks that often fall from substantial heights. A helmet it basically useless in such situations, though I still recommend wearing one for the protection it does offer under other circumstances.