Honrbeck kayaks?

-- Last Updated: Mar-19-15 10:47 AM EST --

Is anyone familiar with the Hornbeck kayaks? I associate the name with canoes, did not know they ever made kayaks. I am always looking for used kayaks for various friends and these showed up in a regional CL ad.


I am guessing that the Wolfen in the ad is the same boat in this 2 year old forum post (same region -- central NY). 25 lbs is impressive for a 15 footer but having owned a couple of kayaks that wouldn't track straight, the comment on it's tracking performance gives me pause.


If the hull designs are like what you found on nyseadog then that kayak should track like an arrow.

This is what you were referring to? “Some of us would rather put their energy into going forward and not keeping the boat from meandering from a straight ahead bearing.”

The two kayaks in the CL pics look to be 16’ & 18’ of very low rockered kayak.

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