Hoodoo Tempest 120 Hybrid

Hello everyone, I’m rather new here and need some honest perspectives. The link below is a kayak I’ve been eyeballing… This is my first kayak I will purchase as I’ve been borrowing one to use with our every Monday group… but its time now for me to own one… I would like to continue on our casual paddle on Mondays with the group then solo paddles to fish, stand up and cast and the below kayak has my attention… Has anyone ever heard of this brand/company? I cannot seem to find reviews on the non pedal version… I’m 5’11 pretty much right at 6 ft, 250 pounds soaking wet and is a 12 fter the proper/ideal length for a guy my size? I paddled a 10fter once and got extremely winded quickly from swaying left and right as I was paddling… Please advise. All perspectives are welcome. Ty in advance…

You need a minimum of 14’ at your weight. As for standing up, do you have a tight rope walker’s balance?

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I have wobbly knees, and I believe its something I will need to get used to… but overall I need to shed some weight… I was 230 prior to covid and would love to be back at that weight or even lighter…

I paddle with a group on mondays, I borrow a friends 12 fter and it feels great… one Monday I was late and a 10fter was left… got on it and was miserable as I got winded very quickly due to the left and right swaying…

I don’t know this brand and have never seen one, so can’t talk beyond what I see on the web site.

There is a general feeling among many to get as long a kayak as you can store and transport, as there are benefits to the length (such as better tracking). If spinning in the 10 was a problem, the 12 should be better and a 14 even better.

That said, this boat does look like it would work for you.

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I appreciate your perspective.