Hoods on dry tops and paddling jackets

I’ve seen some on some higher-end gear, but why don’t you see more storm hoods on paddling jackets and dry tops - expecially the goretex ones? I was wondering if the hood would catch water in a roll or something. Just seems like it would be a more common feature and more comfortable in foul weather than a hat. Just curious I guess.

i’ve wondered the same
i sent my kokatat meridian back for a retrofit (mainly to get the socks installed) and at the same time requested a hood…the hood the meridian returned with is attached with velcro–does this tell you something? that a hood can create drag, even get caught on something…my padling jacket has an integral hood so go figure.

in the hiking world is it almost evenly divided, most hate the loss of visibility with a hood compared to a hat but hoods are warmer-even if filled with water…sometimes while hiking i’ve used a ball type cap under the hood to help the hoods shape…

hood definitely catches water …
when you roll, the hood definitely catches water. given that a drytop has a neck gasket, this water is not a problem but in a semi-dry or paddle jacket, you’ll end up with all that water trickling down your back … inside, next to your skin … where it’s gonna be coooooold.

in all my years of paddling in rain, sleet and dark of night i’ve never thought i needed a hood. a goretex baseball style hat with a bill seems to do it for me.

'course there’s always a Tilly.

winter vs summer conditions
When water and air temps are both frigid, most prefer, and NEED a neoprene hood, for both warmth and to prevent gasp reflex on neck, scalp, and face.

But for warmer air and chilly waters, where caught in increasing wind and waves, a hood, by slowing loss of warmth through crucial neck and scalp blood vessels near the surface, and by the brim keeping out spray, can be an important and versatile addition.

By making it a velcro item it allows you not to have it on for rolling practice. When rolling it is a minor thing that water gets in somewhat. Basically it is an option for some on especially in those conditions and multi-day paddles.