Hoosier Hotspots

OK, folk, I need a little guidance when you have a moment. I’ll be spending the week after July 4th at a conference in far south-central Indiana (French Lick). Looking at the map and topos, there appears to be a good chance of some nice paddling little rivers down that way. I’ll be bringing a Bob Special and probably going solo. Any suggestions near by? I’d especially like to know of any canoe rental places that run shuttles or any publications/websites that might be helpful. Much thanks in advance!

Blue River
It can get shallow. Real shallow. Check this out:


River info…

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Here are some websites on Indiana. This has been one of the driest month of May on record in Indiana. Rivers may be bony if things don't improve.


The HCC bulletin boards should be able to answer questions.


There is a canoe/climbing/etc. shop to the North in downtown Bloomington. They might be of some help via email.


I have never paddled it, but Patoka lake should have some secluded backwater coves to paddle. A $5 boat launch permit would be needed. The Lost River reappears at Orangeville and is canoeable, but it was FULL of deadfalls when I paddled it.



Much thanks for your ideas…
This was exactly what I was looking for. A couple of trips on the Blue and the Lost Rivers should make the time spent indoors at the conference much more palatable!