Hope Everyone had a great weekend

I hope everyone made it back home safely after a wonderful trip to wherever you went. Speaking of went… Where did you all go? Take an opportunity to brag to those of us who could not get out on the water this past weekend.

labor day paddles
not very exciting i’m afraid ! just some small local lakes. watching the loons teach the baby how to fish was the most exciting thing.i love to see them any chance i get. also seeing the early maples turn the brilliant shades of red and orange and the smell of the campfires and burgers while you are paddling just sets the mood.ahhh , the delights of a late summer paddle.

I went to work…
Saturday - work

Sunday - work double

Monday - work

Hope that helps…

Elk River TN
Nice slow pace, good current, no dangerous stuff, good company, but somehow I broke my kayak at the seat as I got out at the takeout. Sad, sad day yesterday. The irony is that that was probably the least I’ve ever stressed that boat on a trip.

I don’t think it’s repairable, so that’s one hunk of plastic down the tubes.


Paddled with my daughter
My fourteen year old daughter and I paddled a section of the Fraser River so that she could achieve her goal of paddling 300 kilometres (200 miles) over the summer holidays. We had a terrific time and saw a new large bridge that is currently under construction.

Photos and story are here:





Best day of the summer
Sat Work

Twins and I:

Sun Manasquan Beach, NJ (The best day of the summer I’m told.)

Mon Esopus Creek and Hudson River, Saugerties, NY paddling and sailing.

Tues Chores around the house, cycling and BB gun practice.

Fay Celebration
Celebrated the filling of the lake. The water was mighty brown and there was a lot of debris but it was great to see the level UP. Paddled and rolled around in it without catching any diseases.

By “one hunk of plastic down the tubes” I hope you mean the seat and not the boat…

I’m sure you can get another seat from manufacturer or custom made job…

Plastic boats seem so maintenance free, I some times forget to check… All those little fasteners need to be inspected and tightened down…

Where did the seat break? Across the pan? Or was it at a fasten point?

Curious Rob

Never Mind
Jimyaker. Saw your separate thread. Questions answered there and I posted reply.

Good luck,


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Indian Arm
Nothing special, just a few hour daytrip up Indian Arm in Vancouver, in my new kayak. Didn’t want to fight with labour day crowds for camping spots.