Hope in sight

Air temperatures rose 31 degrees today, from 6 to 37. Hopefully, we’ll continue with a couple days of warming and I’ll finally be able to get my new boat wet and put a couple of scratches on her.

You ready for an hour or two on the Potomac Br’er Rat or Yakbow? Thinking Landers to just paddle around a little. I don’t have rigging on the boat yet, so no fishing for me (OK, not much…)

  • Big D

Here’s hoping you get in the water Big
D. I’m putting my new canoe in the water this weekend. I’m in love again.

Yeah, I love canoeing too

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There's not much more satisfying that putting out onto a misty river with a thermos full of hot joe, a box of chocolate covered donuts, a bag of tackle and a rod. The first three strokes always seem to define the day. Make them good. I like to get all ready, then take five minutes or so of quiet time to focus my thoughts and give thanks to the Lord. Then I hit the river, big grin on my face.

I even like the sound the aluminum makes on the gravel as I'm pushing off on those days. My own boat is plastic, but I've got a 13' Michicraft that I store for a friend and have unlimited use rights. The sound of plastic on gravel just isn't the same. Comes from years and years of using rented aluminum Grummans I guess.

- Big D

Nothing wrong with the Grummans and
Alumnicrafts…used to rent those too. They’ll take a beating and stay afloat. Maybe its me, but I just cannot paddle a kayak as quietly as a canoe, very peaceful.

I’m a lot more quiet in a kayak

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Isn't that odd?

I mean when I'm not whooping and hollering about catching another fish. Then I'm pretty loud. Or when I run out of beer and start shouting to my paddle partners to beg a brew from them. Or if they caught a fish that was clearly intended to be caught by me and they need to be dressed down. Then I'm pretty loud too. But paddlewise, much quieter in a kayak.

- Big D

Same here…
I sound like a beached whale in a canoe. All sloppy paddle strokes and splashing my stern mate.

What? You don’t think they actually let me steer do ya?

Whattaya mean “in a canoe”

first redfish
tena and i went paddling yesterday and she caught a beautiful spottail bass on her second cast. i think thats the first gamefish of the year for her. i really enjoyed watching the fish ‘swim out of her hands’ as she gently released it : )

getting out…
sounds great derick. right now i’m fighting my annual bout with bronchitus. i went out for the first time this year two sundays ago to a resevoir near fredericksburg. water temp was 41 deg. nothing bit, not even on my workmates catfish bait. i did a paddle of about 2 1/2 miles just to check the area out. let me know when you want to get out…mikey