Hoping for some canoe information

Hoping for some canoe information on a 14’ fiberglass canoe that I purchased a while back. I am not sure which is the manufacturer and which is the model. Both the name Algonquin and Adirondack are on the sides of the canoe. Any thoughts?

Well, there was an Adirondack Canoe Company started in 2014 by a couple of individuals who used to work for Hornbeck canoe.

Their website does not appear to be functional, at least not for me at this time. I believe they made only Adirondack style pack canoes. I don’t know if they had a model called the Algonquin.

What is the hull identification number on the boat?

My canoe was actually born in 1991. So, it wouldn’t be that more recent company.

The first 3 letters of the HIN are the USCG ID code for the boat maker. If I remember correctly. There are folks here that could tell what it all means if you posted the HIN or asked how to fine out yourself.