Hoping our New England folks are battened down for Henri

Good luck and be safe y’all. They say there could be wide spread power outages and flooding. Take care.


I have popcorn ready in Maine coz nothing will happen here. But NECN ought to have awesome pix
My daughters house is directly in the projected path but high on a hill. The half of the town 6 feet above sea level has mandatory evacuations.

There was an army of power trucks from other places ahead of the storm. Someone counted 100 in five miles east of New Haven

Social media has a plus: I can keep up with watching my old town drown.


Thinking similar thoughts for our paddling friends in the line of the storm.

Stay safe!

Took the main sail and boom off, wrapped the halyards, cleared the deck, moved the kayaks and hoping for the best


Looks like my snowbird neighbors are in for a storm.
They are always calling me to see if everything is OK…
Now I’ll get to call them…


It’s very strange being in Florida and hearing all of the news about this storm getting ready to hit southern New England where I used to live. I keep thinking I need to be doing storm prep on my boat here!

Seriously though, everyone please stay safe up there. The northeast is not as prepared for storms like this as the southeast is. Not much time left for preparations now - finish up and get yourself and your family and critters somewhere safe.


Rain has started - wind should be here in an hour of so. High tide today was at 8:00 am, so it is probably rocking and rolling down at the beach right now. Wish I could see it, but I am about 40 miles inland. Hope everyone down on the coast makes out OK.

Sounds like there will be whitewater paddling later this week in western CT.

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You may have active surf cameras you could check out. All the surfers I know like to check the waves and forecast before heading to the coast.

here is a link
New England Beach Webcams - Live Beaches

Surf Cam HD Stream | Warm Winds

News likes hype no wonder people blow off warnings when it’s real bad. Local news reporter talking about viscous horrible wind at Montauk Point. She was leaning and holding her hood. I see trees next to her 8-10 high doesn’t look that bad. I check weather there 28 mph winds GMAFB just like any summer day could be.

I’m on south shore of Long Island Freeport they said tides 3-4’ feet above normal. They were high but nothing more than last week’s tides.

Like the guy on CNN I think pretending to lean into the wind while other things showed wind was not bad.

Not CNN my error unless they did it too.