Hornbeck 16

Anyone tried one? Are they quick? Since they don’t use gelcoat how would you repair scratches … using resin? I like the looks of the carbon kevlar version.

How would this boat compare with the PB Rapidfire?

You can use epoxy resin to fill
scratches on a boat made without gelcoat. A boat where the outer cloth layer is carbon will scratch more easily than one where the outer layer is glass. I don’t recall whether Hornbeck uses a layer of resin in place of gelcoat. Some other manufacturers do this, while companies like Bluewater and Millbrook use a thin layer of colored epoxy, probably with a UV inhibitor.

I havent found a Hornbeck yet that
is quick. Most Hornbeck paddlers probably don’t care.

Old discussion here.


I have not seen the 16 so dont know if it suffers from those pinched stems that lead to “cheeks” in the boat dragging speed off on favor of tracking.

You can take a RapidFire to race winning speeds with training.