Hornbeck paddle-confused!


I want to get a lighter paddle for my 10’ Hornbeck than my 53oz. Aquabound,but want to stay under $200.I am 5’ 10’ tall and medium build-what length would you suggest? No white water or abuse is anticipated.I will use it for wilderness tripping.Recomandations please-there are so many choices I’m confused.


What length do you have?
53 oz is awfully heavy.

I cant tell you based on height. Its your torso length combined with your stroke approach as well as the gunwale height that governs your shaft length.

Bending Branches makes a paddle for under 200 and Swifts are a little more.

Your paddle is more important than your boat in terms of investment.

I think I am looking for a 250cm.I really want as light as possible whithin my buget-cosmetics don’t count.


In addfition to the Swifts and Bending Branches, Fox makes a $ 110 wood and glass over foam that is a decenty little stick.

I stringly suggest AT’s Exception OS and Werner’s Kallista’ both ~$400. They are worth it - more than half of paddling is the stick in your hands.