Hornbeck Salar kayak

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Here in the Adirondack region, Hornbeck ultra-light solo canoes are very popular but I have not seen or found any on-line reviews on this kayak that Peter makes- the Salar. 32 pounds with hatches and bulkheads for this 16-6 kayak. Anyone test paddle or own one?

Tom E
has one without the hatches and bulkheads.

Me too

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Martin - I too have an interest in the Salar kayak since I saw it at the NJ Paddlesport show a couple of years ago. There is a real lack on info on this boat. I emailed Hornbeck and they said they always have a demo ready to try in the shop, but I didn't get up that way to try it out this summer. They did say that the popularity of their canoes means the Salar doesn't get much attention during busy periods. It's a nice looking boat, and the very low weight is a major attraction. If you're in the Ads, maybe you should check it out and let the rest of us know how it is, or better yet, buy one and let me borrow it for an afternoon... ;)

Cheers, Carl

PS: I asked for some further info in my email - the overall beam is 24" and the depth at the front of the cockpit is 12.5"

Hornbeck kayaks
My wife and I each have a Salar 16’6" kayak made by Pete. I have paddled it since ‘06 and really love it! It’s only 23 lbs. and paddles like a dream. It carves a nice turn and is responsive. The only downside that I have experienced, is dealing with high winds and waves. Winds from the side or obliquely from the stern, tend to push this lightweight around. We did not get the hatches and bulkheads as we wanted to keep the weight at a minimum and we only paddle on day trips.

Previously, for 9 years, we paddled 16’ Wilderness System boats with a rudder. At 55 lbs. it got to be a chore to load and unload them.

I had the pleasure of Paddling the Salar in August 2007. I decided not to buy, because of the effort to turn the boat on the pond Peter provides for demonstrations. (I was used to a very maneuverable kayak.)

It is a nice boat, light and tracks well. I should have asked to have the SmartTrack rudder system. I have that in an 18 foot kayak now and really like it. In the 23 pound Salar, it would be a delightful combination of light weight, tracking and maneuverabiliy. It is a nice boat. It is worth the trip to visit Peter.