Horsetooth Reservoir?

I’ll be in Ft. Collins, CO next month, and it looks like there’s only 1 place to paddle close by.

Anyone know about this place, or have any suggestions for a better place to paddle?

Thanks in advance.

check this Blog
Marek lives and trains near there, and writes about it (along with other local places):

There is no
better place than Horsetooth “resevir”. It compares to the Tasman sea in ruggedness, the pacific ocean in length, and the Taj Mahal in beauty. You’d best bring an awesome kayak, one that does everything the best, one like a …oh I can’t say it.OMG if I was like 2500 miles closer, I’d paddle with you.

Paddling buddy?

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I absolutely think you should hook up with you-know-who and bring back pics.
(They may even have a spare grey thing for you to borrow.)

Don’t forget some
Simon and Garfunkel tunes.

If you see someone with a kayak
… sitting rightside up on the roof of their car, don’t hesitate to lend a hand or an explanation on how to accomplish rotating it so that it’s upside down

I am now cleaning coffee off the screen of my laptop and keyboard due to the laughter induced spray effect.

Not sure what you paddle, but be careful as folks out that way don’t take kindly to strangers with composite sea kayaks. If you want to fit in with the locals you’ll need a plastic entry level touring kayak that has been discontinued by the manufacturer.

Thanks for a good chuckle…

The Graveyard of Ships
Be careful out there.

Is this the place?


Long, narrow reservoir
I’ve never paddled there but I have hiked and mtn biked in the area.

I think you have to pay a boat ramp fee AND a park entry fee (it is a Larimer County park), but it may be possible to get a kayak down to the water from one of the unofficial parking spots. Not sure.

The wind anywhere along the Front Range foothills can be horrible in spring, so check your weather forecasts for wind direction.

Stop at the Ft. Collins high school
and ask if one of the 9th graders with a kayak can be your accompanying partner for the day. They should know who he is.

“Never float unknown and never float alone.”

Just tell 'em you’re
"the trolls bud." They’ll waive the fees.

Where is he, anyway?

There is a lovely cove or two along the Lory State Park side of Horsetooth Reservoir. Other than that, it didn’t look real interesting to me. If I lived near there, I would paddle there. But for the amount of driving involved, I can go to (the more attractive and less crowded) Dillon or Eleven Mile reservoirs, among others.

Homeroom announcement:

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"Attention - Will the student who parked
a 14-foot long red plastic kayak in the
Principal's parking space, please remove it
or it will be towed away to the Horsetooth
Resa..Resovi...Reser...--Oh darn it...Just
come move the thing, will ya."

MUSIC - Up and Under: "The Boxer" by
Simon and Garfunkel.

"Li-li-li, li-li-li-li-li-li-li,