Hoseless water distributor

I’m tired of dragging the hose around the yard, getting it caught in the fence, dragging it over flowers, every time I need to water my plants. Can anyone recommend a good hoseless water transporter? Wireless internet and cordless tools hve so imporved my life. I need a hoseless water distributor.

Duhh !!!
It’s called freakin sprinkler system !!!

Wait for rain.

Find a good …
Gardening message board!

Just think, you can go on it and ask all the “green thumbs” how they transport their boats!



Been around for years . . . .

They’re usually called a bucket.


You already have one.
Drink a six pack of Bud Light and wait until the neighbors aren’t looking.


We have a Wiener!!!
I mean a Winner! :wink: