hot lure colors for the boundary waters

One time a guy told me that it seems like the fish have a fashion show early in the year and decide on the hot colors to bite on. I am off to the the Boundary Waters in a week. Any of you fishermen who have been out fishing the Boundary Waters already have any opinions on the hot colors this year?

not sure where the boundry waters are
but this week the groupers are killing my purple and black manns stretch 30+ (deep diver,big lip)have had to change the treble hooks ,on one cause they were stsrting to straighten out

never worried
I just pack mostly clear water colors. Shad patterns perch and craw patterns. Poppers in shad and frog patterns. One year I was using a shad popper and it was beaten up pretty badly. By the end of the trip the popper was a bone white color having every bit of finnish beaten off of it. Action and depth are more inportant than color. I have had trips to other places where one color catches fish and another will not but I have not had this experience in the bwca.