Hot weather clothing

This summer we have been getting a lot of badly needed rain to help fill up the lakes and swamps. I am use to hot weather down here in Florida, but all this rain makes it feel more humid than usual (or maybe I’m just getting older). At six o’clock this morning when I was taking my dogs out it was a humid 81 degrees already and it wasn’t even light out yet.

Was wondering what kind of new clothing is out there now to help you feel cooler during this kind of hot humid weather.


Hey Ken,
They’re not really new, but those gel-filled neck bandanas seem to make a difference for about an hour. Soak 'em in cold water, and wear around your neck.

Or you can just dress like a Bedouin. They seem to know about heat.


japanese kuchofuku suits …

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..... how should one try to pronounce that name ??

I can't keep from laughing about it ... try to say it with an artificial oriental accent like the actors used to do !!

Wonder how it would sound in FE accent ??

The usual…
vented Columbia pants and shirts work for me. No matter what I wear I still get drenched in sweat, the lightweight Columbia material just seems to dry faster. I live in south Louisiana and feel your pain about the heat and especially the humidity…

One thing I don’t leave without during the summer is a small ice chest with a few washclothes, ice and Florida Water. That stuff is amazing and really wakes me up when the heat drags me down.

Three things
Wicking long sleeve shirt

Nylon Golf pants from Target

Hat that also acts as a bucket for dumping water on myself.

Hydrosilk by NRS
in either long or short sleeve. Treated to be UV resistant. Very light, dries fast. Go to nrsweb, their site, have men’s and women’s sizes.

I also have had great experience w. the 100% silk base layers from LL Bean. Have a longsleeved white one I got for 99 cents at a gear swap. Nice and light, mosquito barrier, cool when wet, dries fast.

Cool Q
I haven’t tried it yet, but Mountain Hardwear just came out with an “active cooling” fabric for some t-shirts and tanks.

Here’s the link:,default,pg.html?mid=paidsearch&nid=Sitelinks&oid=Search|Branded|Brand|Core|US_Sitelinks&did=mountain%20hardwear&gclid=CIKx_pyl6bgCFdGj4Aodql0Amg

white uv or rash guard
sold in surf shops the white long sleeve rash guard or uv guard works well. The Quicksilver brand has nice long sleeves that fit my orangutan arms. I wear mine paddling hard in the columbia river gorge in 95 deg heat and HI in high humidity 85 degs and snorkeling to keep from cooking my back. That and a pair of NRS hydroskin shorts.

The NRS hydrosilk shirt is basically the same thing but a heavier fabric and not as form fitting as a rash guard.

I recently picked up one of Duluth Trading Company’s hot weather shirts made of what they call “Armachillo”, a poly blend that is supposed to be ultracool due to some hype about “powdered jade” encorporated into the fabric. I got a long sleeved tailored shirt and have to admit, the danged stuff seems to work quite well. I have worn it both paddling and doing heavy yard work in the oppressive heat and humidity we have had this summer and it evaporated sweat very well and never felt clinging or sticky.

Duluth’s clothing is breathtakingly expensive, but I must admit that once I’ve gotten past the sticker shock (I usually browse the clearance racks for Columbia or Royal Robbins clothes for paddling) their stuff fits, is highly function and is made extremely well and the pieces I have gotten so far have become wardrobe favorites. They wash easily and seem to wear well (I am tough on my clothes). If you watch, they do have some sales and sometimes free shipping. Their clothing is obviously designed for people who actually do outdoor sports, not just for those who want to look like they do. The woven style shirts have a turn up extension on the collar back and ventilated movement panels in the back as well as long tails. Good designs for paddling on hot days.

Bike clothes work
A lot of good bike long sleeve jerseys work really well. They wick the sweat while allowing your skin to breath. Plus most these days are good about stopping UV rays.

That hat suggestion is really important! The typical kayak hats in my neck of the woods (N. CA.) are for cooler weather. I’ve used Columbia (and copies) of those duck billed hats with the detachable neck protector piece that have mesh panels on top. That allows you to keep the sun off while still breathing.

Loose nylon pants, the kind that the legs zip off, work well for me in hot weather.

I used to live in FLA, so I know how damned hot and humid it can get! I wouldn’t live there again, but since you do, at least you don’t have to dress for immersion in cold water.

Different from the other suggestions
For really hot weather, I prefer wearing a slightly fuzzy-surfaced quick-drying WOVEN (not knit) long-sleeved shirt with mesh panels under the arms and similar shorts.

My favorite is made by RailRiders and is called the Adventure shirt. It is expensive like all their products but it wicks sweat away faster than anything else I’ve used. Even better, the fact that it stands loosely away from skin means there is good air circulation instead of sticking on the skin. It dries very quickly in a little breeze or sun. Looks like normal clothing so you can wear it for both paddling and “street” wear.

Your feet should also be clad in something highly breathable, such as mesh booties or floating clogs (Teva and Crocs make them). Feet trapped in closed neoprene will make you extra-hot.

Similarly, keep your head cool by soaking it with water now and then, letting the water drip down your neck, back, and chest.

I still like anything made of Supplex

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The old "Tarponwear" line was some of the best, but a lot of nylon supplex clothing is not designed or vented properly to maximize cooling these days.

Silk is still good for shirts, if good quality.

works for me
I have bought a few shirts from walmart that are polyester “george” is their brand. They dry very fast and fit me well at 5’11 160 lbs in an astral PFD

White wicking long sleeve shirt works
Well for me. I’ve been using the ones from

I’m going to have to go with
tinfoil again. Wrap yourself up, shiny side out on sunny days, either way on cloudy ones.

How 'bout dis…


Hey Elmo
For that price I’d rather buy a good paddle.

Land’s End
They offer a great rash guard. Good price, light colors, and a very good product. Long sleeve for sure. The material seems to be hydrophobic. When wet, any wind offers a great cooling effect. Yesterday it was 85 and after a roll, the light wind actually gave me a brief chill. I have a yellow, a white, and one with a zip neck and one without. I promise that you will like these. They are not the skin tight rash guard since I do not have that “beach body” look any more. It is a relaxed fit and very good customer service.



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I just bought a Frog Tog towel which is very cool when wet.