Hours for Store at NE Carry (Maine)

Gonna paddle Maine Lakes in a week. Hope to leave Greenville around 9/3 and be looking for a lift from the Lake to the West Branch around 9/5 or 6.

I walked past the store (Raymond’s)in 2004 on an August Wednesday, and it was closed up tight.

Please post if you know what days the store operates.

I suspect it wouldn’t be hard to arrange a lift on the fly. A couple driving down the road stopped and gave me a ride in 2004, and they offered to carry me and my gear on to the West Branch, but, saddly, I wasn’t prepared to go. Of course, rides are probably more difficult to find when you really want one.


Yes the horse is ill
and the wagon has a busted axle.

Cant help you on hours. I have always found them open before five…hopefully that Wed was an emergency or something.

Wednesday is their restocking day
and they are always closed on that day. That is what they told me in 2007. Al

I’ve looked quickly at a map for future references and wondered how that carry would be using a canoe/kayak cart to walk a boat over. Didn’t know if the boat is well balanced on the cart and the road over is level how tough doing that might be.

I walked it in 2004
It’s a very cartable walk. I just don’t want to have to carry the cart for a week since there is only that one carry and I think there is an alternative. From the Lake to Seboomick Rd the road was wide and smooth (for gravel). From Seboomick Road down to the river was pot-holed double track, but it would have been an easy cart pull.


makes sense
Greenville is a bit of a boat ride away to the grocery store and town.