How about a Cat-A-Pack backpack canoe?

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I've been looking at some backpack canoes at

Anyone ever hear of these guys? Are their canoes any good? It's an interesting design that breaks down into three sections, but I'm not sure how comfortable it would be to sit in and they are pricey. It does look stable though as it has two hulls. Any advice?

Are these popular? If not, why not? If I'm looking for a portable canoe, is this the best option? Any suggestions?


Depending on the distance…
…why not an Old Town Pack at about 22-24 lbs? Not that I’d carry anything very far.

Are there any other backpack canoes?
Thats a good idea too, but the full length ones seem like they’d be a little bulky going through the trails. Are there any other backpack style canoes that are good and easy to assemble?

Maybe Poke Boat Micra
Only about 7’ long and 17lbs. See them at

Kind of expensive though.

folding boats
If you’re not set on a “canoe”, there are dozens of folding kayaks out there. They range in price and quality, but many are worth checking out.

check out

and if you want to build your own. . .

Have fun!

Maybe Pakboat?
These may fit the bill:

Be sure to look at Placid BoatWorks too.

– Last Updated: Jun-03-05 7:51 AM EST – 12' SpitFire pack boat I believe is what you may like. The 15' Starfire is a super paddling solo/tandem. 15' RapidFire is to be super fast and well tracking. Or you may wish to wait for the FlashFire and WildFire that are comming soon.

Very light pack boats. A little larger sizes than Hornbeck so between the two you have a good selection to get the boat that fits you and your use the best. Pricing is right in there for the size.

These are part of the Fire series of boats designed by David Yost. One of Placid's owners, Charlie Wilson has been national FreeStyle champion many times and it shows in his boats. Super to paddle, extremely responsive, and a lot of fun!

The remaining Fire boats, the 13' FlashFire (one of the top, if not the top FreeStyle boat) and 14' WildFire are to be transfered from Bell boat works to Placid BoatWorks yet this year. Charlie said they would be upgraded by DY and be even better at what they now do.

Yeah, I am kind of prejudice about them. I own three FlashFire and one WildFire canoes. My favorite is "Baby", all kevlar (old, nolonger made version) purple 13' FlashFire that weighs a mere 27# with wood trim.

Call Charlie or Joe Moore at Placid. They love to talk boats! You seem close enough to go paddle their boats easily, you lucky dog! ""Paddle in the Park" every Wednesday @ 6:30pm. Food, beverages and fun." Or "Charlie and Joe spend a lot of time discussing different design ideas and boat building methods. Tuesday nights ("twofer night"), they can usually be found doing this at the Lake Placid Pub & Brewery."

Hope this of of some help.

Happy Paddl'n!