How about Nordkapp paddlers?

Seems to be quite the boat by its resume…any paddlers here own one? Or paddle one? You can see my problem in the thread involving the bahiya…

The boats that really catch my attention and I am leaning towards:

P&H Sirius, P&H Bahiya, VCP Nordkapp,

those seem to be the ones that get me excited…


I have an older one
with the integral skeg. Real hard to turn but seems very amenable to a Greenland paddle.

I paddled a Seaward Quest the other day and I beleive that boat is over 18ft. I didnt’ seem to have much trouble turning it around or anything, but I did not like the hullshape and the leaning/bracing/rolling characteristics of the boat, and with the Nordkapp being only 17 feet and eight inches, i dont’ imagine it to be much more difficult than the seaward quest.

Is this a correct assumption?

No. My Nordkapp has an integral skeg

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and I have to lean it 60 deg or more to turn it. I had a 19 1/2 foot glider that turned much easier. Here are some pics

Integral Skeg
I have a Nordkapp with the integral skeg as well. It is a bear to turn, but with a lean and sweep (or even better an extended sweep) you can do sharp turns.

When I paddle in a group, I’m definitely working harder than anyone else to turn. Of course when the wind comes up, they’re all working harder than me to maintain course.

My understanding is that the drop skeg version solves this problem. I got mine for a song. If I was buying a new boat, I’d go for the drop skeg.

My boat is an older model and is actually 17’ 10". Very fast.

I paddle a Nordkapp Jubilee
with a retractable skeg. I love my boat for what it is: a great touring/expedition boat.

It would actually be “perfect” for me with an inch less both in the fore and back deck.

I paddled a Sirius long time ago and I remember it as a much smaller kayak, can’t really compare it to the Nordkapp.

Never paddled a Bahiya.

hmm… yes
the Nordkapp certainly seems to be a large boat, maybe too much for me to enjoy thoroughly…I am interested in finding out more now about the Force 3 from Impex also.

Thanks to all for the replies…

Seakayaker magazine had a wonderful review of the Nordkapp, did you check it?

You might also want to try the VCP aquanaut if the nordkapp is a little too big…

Nordkapp - Aquanaut

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The new Nordkapp (H2O) and the Aquanaut share many characteristics and are fairly close statistically according to Sea Kayaker tests.

The Aquanaut has lower decks and a longer narrower waterline.

The Nordkapp is longer overall (The actual overall of the H2O is slightly over 7'11")

The Nordkapp has somewhat lower primary and slightly higher secondary stability. The difference in each between the two boats is minor.

The Nordkapp is quicker (less drag at lower knots) the Aquanaut is faster (less drag at higher speed).

The Nordkapp is legendary and has a very distinctive prow. The Aquanaut has only been around for about 2 years and is easily recognizable as a Valley boat.

There have been extensive threads regarding both boats.

There are good/useful Sea Kayaker tests of both.

nice pics
Your “beach sand” certainly is nice and white.

I am awaiting a just built H2O shipping from England to Australia.

Hi thanks
and yes I checked it out after seeing your post. I have heard very little of the aquanat but from what I see about the boat and what I have read it seems to be a high performance boat…

You might enjoy trying a Foster Legend.

Hard chined very fast boat. Among my favorite (along with the Azul Sultan) of genuinely fast kayaks.

wide turning radius
When I lived in MN, I paddled around L Sup 4 times (separate summers).

When asked why, one of the reasons I gave was that it took the width of Superior to turn the darned thing (Nordkapp HM).


Man, I really love what I see and read
about the nordkapp :slight_smile: from everything on this thread to the reviews elsewhere…

I’m still kinda worried about the length, being such a small kayaker, would it be difficult adding 10 inches to the length of what i am used to know, with regards to turning and boat handling? Do you think?

The Nordkapp has a much shorter waterline than its overall length would lead one to expect. Sea Kayaker measures the overall of the H2O as 17’11.5" and the waterline (with 250lb load) as 15’2.25"

I found the Nordkapp (H2O) much easier and more confident to turn than the Sirius.

Had the H2O been available when I decided on my Aquanaut, it would have been a tougher decision. I would have probably still chosen the Aquanaut for its lower decks.

Although, paddling a Nordkapp elicits immediate respect :wink:

Toss Another into the Fray
Have you cast a glance at the Impex Outer Island? doesn’t fit exactly into this group, being significantly lower volume, but this one intrigues me. Fast, superb roller, decent handling…nice design.