How about those Olympic paddlers!

We could have bodies that look like that.
Probably not in this lifetime.
And they have surf skis called canoes

Back in my days racing downriver and marathon kayaks , I had an opportunity to try a C1. I was so relieved when I made it back to the dock dry. It took all of my concentration to keep the C1 upright ,never mind trying to apply power. Those boats are TIPPY!

You did better than I did, Steveey. I tried three times, once in South Florida, and twice in Tarpon Springs.

I had high hopes in tarpon. I had the Czech national team cheering for me, teaching me, and showing me. I never had to make it back to the dock because I never got away from it.

It makes me salute Nevin even more, learning to even kneel on a C-1 is a chore. They supposedly have secondary stability, I may never know.

I was watching the K4s today… Just incredible strokes and sync,

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