How badly did I screw up ???

I put my brand new Perception Sundance on a rack in my workshop and a week later when I took it out it had a large dent in the bottom where it sat on the rack tube. The area of the dent is right in front of the seat so I have good access to it. How do I fix this?



search archives and google.

2nd heat the area up gently, the dent will pop out. Hair drier, heat gun ( easy does it), very hot water, direct sun - see what floats your boat :wink:

I read the FAQ on Perception’s website and have the boat sitting out in the sun, bottom up, now. I braced it from the bottom with a large cardboard box in the area of the dent. I have to go to an appointment and will be back in about 3 hours. I will see how it looks then.

Wish me luck…

If that doesn’t work
Try the hot water next. Heat guns and hair dryers can be tricky

stay away from heat guns!
They get hot enough to melt through the boat!

Final report …
Before I left for my appointment I propped the boat up on a box directly under the dent. The box barely lifted the cockpit cowl off the ground.

When I got home the cowl was sitting on the ground and the dent was gone.

I have got to come up with a scheme to store my boats without worrying if I am going to find a twisted chunk of plastic in my shop. I guess one of the professional storage systems is in order. It is funny though, two dealers in my area. One leaves some boats flat on the floor, the rest upright. The other hangs them from the handles front and rear and when I asked him about it, he said for the smaller boats, it causes no problems.

Thanks everybody for your help and moral support.


Storing boats
If you have the ceilig space, the best way to store the boats would be on end. Barring that, plastic boats are best stored on their sides, supported directly under their bulkheads.

All you need are 2 straps hung from a
beam. Support it in thirds on the side.