How big do you think?

You’re estimate on wave height?

Tough to say without something for scale. I’d guess maybe a foot and a half and windy.

What is the point? Hold a ruler next to them!

Point is you can’t hold a ruler while floating. You need to use your eyes.

They aren’t white capping much and there aren’t deep swells. 2’ but it’s deceptive.

I was guessing close to 2’ .

  1. 1.5 foot swells
  2. 8 inch chop.
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Is the filmer sitting in a kayak, or standing up? basically, how high off the water is the camera?

Use your bow as a ruler.
The bow on my ski is about 11". If the waves arent breaking on the bow when going upwind, its unlikely the waves are >11".

from my butt to eyes is about 32" on my 6’ frame. If I never lose sight of the horizon I know waves are less than 32".

People tend to greatly overestimate wave height in general. 2’ is a fairly large wave to most people. Maybe the shallow swell is 1.5’ but a true 2’ wave is coming close to blocking the horizon.
I also say 6-8" small waves and 1-1.5’ swell


I’m not sure what the point of guessing the height of small messy chop is? These are good conditions for novice paddlers to learn to use loose hips and a paddle on the water to dance with the confused waves.

Curious to see opinions.

Bow on kayaks rides up before a waves hits it. I look sideways at waves crest to trough.

This is worthwhile because so many exaggerate wave heights by a mile.

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