how can i make my kayak look new again

i just bought a heritage expedition - used - it’s yellow and has been sitting outside in the michigan elements for 4 to 5 years it’s very faded - what should i use to make the superlinear polethylene look new and glide thuough the water better?

Try 303 UV protectant.

Not much,

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303 washes off and will only protect your boat from harmful UV rays between paddling sessions (or untill it rains) it's very slick and can make storing your boat an adventure. Poly boats should be stored inside when not in use. Exposure to sun is the cause of the washed out colors and nothing will bring the color back. Generally speaking faded colors don't hurt the performance and I've seen people using white water yaks that were once red in color that are now faded to almost white. I will weaken the plastic but the boat shouldn't turn to dust on you. Todays plastics are getting much better with the addition of UV protectors built into the plastic.

If you want to make it glide through the
water better, the only way is to improve the engine!



Old Town recommends
using Pledge furniture polish on their poly boats. I’ve tried Armor All and that washes off quickly also. Seems like it never really dries.

With a liberal application of…
… your credit card!

Forget it
If it’s been stored outside for 4 to 5 years, you can’t undo the damage.

Just paddle it and save your bucks for another kayak somewhere down the line. 303 is good at preventing damage but I don’t think it can raise the dead. And it is expensive.

303 doesn’t wash off and isn’t slippery

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when applied properly according to previous "303"posts. (N.T. said "303 washes off and will only protect your boat from harmful UV rays between paddling sessions (or untill it rains) it's very slick and can make storing your boat an adventure."

A search will find the other links.

Here's the link I referred to:

Sorry but I do use it

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for certain things but a simple test will show that it does wash off in no time flat. This debate has gone on for years. If you want to use it that's your choice. Test...Do the inside of your boat with it (not recomended), let it dry or wipe it off or however you think the correct way to apply it is and see what happens the first time water gets in the boat. You will see a slippery white milky film that is slicker than wet snot...and hard to remove. Easyier test is to coat anything with it and drop it in a bucket of water. the result will be a very nice looking bucket. People selling boats love to slather them with this stuff. It hides the true condition of the hull which only becomes evident after a good washing to remove the 303. It is very similar to Armor all.

I'm not saying it doesn't work, just that it doesn't last.

has anyone tried
Nu-vinyl? Do they still make it. It was great for vinyl car tops way back when. What’s the term now? “Back in the Day”.

some sexy lingerie?

Jack it up and run a new one under it.
Or, just enjoy it for awhile until you get the next one.

The difference between 303 and Armorall is that 303 works and won’t harm the surfaces you apply it to. Armorall is junk!

I agree with your points about 303’s slipperiness and that it does wash off plastic surfaces. It seems to penetrate rubber hatch covers and lasts longer there.