How do I attach bladder mouthpiece

I am looking for the best way to attach my Camelbak water bladder mouthpiece so that it is handy while racing. I want to be able to keep paddling, and have the mouthpiece close by so I can grab it with my teeth and keep on trucking. Please let me know if you have a good way to do this.



I use one of their
clips that attach to the tubing which allows me to clip the tube to the shoulder strap of my PFD. I have a 1.5 litre bladder on the back of my vest for short paddles and a 3 litre bladder behind my seat for expedition use.

They also make a tube director that is ‘moldable’ and retains its shape. You can see both items at their web site.

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has a stiff bendable strap that goes around your neck with a piece of velcro.
Then you put a small piece of ethafoam with a hole through it onto your drinking tube, and that has the matching velcro to hold the two together.
You can bend the strap so that it is right in front of your mouth, and is hands free.

It's made specifically for what you are looking for.

many of the racers use this method

jack L

Thanks for the recommendations
I will check out their website for the moldable holder. I’ve made a make-shift clip that I will try out this afternoon.