How do I buy gear from classified section


New to the website, forum and whitewater kayaking.

Looking to buy a used helmet from classified section, messaged the seller 3-4 times no response, there is no “buy now” button to add it to a cart either.

Any suggestions - Am I missing something in the process or is this just a result of a non responsive seller?

I suspect you guessed it = Non responsive seller.

Unfortunately some folks sell items and do not take the 2 or 3 minutes to delete the item from classifieds.

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SELLERS don’t answer after two tries I say bye-bye.

Thx for responses…

Assuming I do get feedback, is venmo and paypal the next step?

Any thoughts out there on helmets with face masks, seen some spills in videos where front face protection seems like a smart move

If doing a lot of whitewater on shallow rivers/creeks a full face is probably a good investment. It really depends on what you’re paddling and what your personal risk comfort is.

Also, a helmet is something I’d go ahead and buy new over used.

The classifieds section is basically the same a Craigslist. It is a place where people can post items for sale, but the process of actually selling is up to the seller. So it would be u to them as to how to handle payment and delivery. If the buyer doesn’t like the terms, their option is to walk away.

That said, I think the average age of this site skews to a less technologically proficient generation, so might be less likely to see Venmo or Paypal used.

Do you like looking through glasses/ face shield with a fogged up lense, and water spots?

If you remain in the stone age.

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As far as a face protection element - I see the problems with visibility if you use a clear shield, fogging up, splash trails screwing up visibility.

I am curious why there are so few helmets with a vertical face bar, why protect 2/3s of your head?
Why leave the eyes and teeth unprotected? Is there really a it looks stupid dynamic at play with kayakers making this unusual?

Dental bills alone make it kind of logical, I see the potential for snags - but the rewards of greater protection seem to outweigh that risk in terms of likelihood of them coming into play.

Back in the 70’s many of us in our wilderness outing club used hockey helmets for class 5 whitewater. I survived running (or rather, mostly washing downstream out of the raft) the Cheat Canyon wearing a hockey brain bucket I got for $8 at a thrift store. You can get them with a removable open wire cage.