How do I delete a post I started?

I was concerned about 18yo being approved to carry weapons in public and it has become something else, or multiple other subjects.

So you started another post about it? That will definitely help. LOL.

That’s not much help.

Just walk away from it. Nobody has to read it. You can stop words, but you can’t stop thoughts.

In this case, stopping words would suffice.

I think you can delete your post under the three little dots. However, I’m not sure that would actually delete the whole thread.

Sorry, @string, but it doesn’t look like deleting your original post will delete the thread. See “Test Thread”. I posted then deleted the post, but the thread is still there.


I gave up on the old thread after a very short time, just went back and skimmed it after reading this post and wow. Thank you for making the effort to remove it.

Maybe you could talk to the site administrator and ask for it to be taken down. That’s not easy to do. I had to hijack the “No contact from the Contact Us” thread to track them down. Jason did reply in 24 hours or so.

You could also try a private message to @raisins. I think she was the one who locked a thread that was turning into a snarkfest.

On the positive side, the thread you started kept all the pol talk contained in one place for a whole month.


On a lot of discussion groups or forums users are not permitted to delete replies or threads if the discussions are made to be archived or searchable. Only moderators or administrators have that power. On this site I believe you can delete or edit a reply, but not a thread, for a limited time. After that, it is permanent.

If you delete the only post in a topic, maybe it will disappear after a set period of time.

Don’t read it!!! It’s good to see how people think issues through. Help we when I read about kayak topic to understand if the advice is sound. Whether it’s reality or perception.

Here’s how to contact the administrators:

Thank you but I’ll let it die. After all , it isn’t about a PFD.


PFD … Politically Foolish Diatribes

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Ron White comes to mind. Some things cant be fixed.

Politically Foolish Diatribes
Perpetrated Facts of Danger
Personally Financed Dimwit tribes
Post Facto Declared, “Who’s’a stranger?”

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