How do I find a leak??

The past few times I’ve had my kayak out I’ve noticed I’ve taken on more water than usual. I don’t have a skirt, but I’ve been going on flat water, so it’s not coming throught the cockpit. It’s an old Prijon Invader, and I was told that the coaming can leak, but I checked that…and no luck. I don’t see any major scratches on the bottom. The only thing I could figure is that the rubber washers used on the seat bolts could be dried out. Any ideas?? How could I check/fix this problem??? Thanks in advance for the advice!

fill 'er up!
fill it up with your garden hose and look for water coming out.

Keep in mind that a yak full of water is HEAVY! Make sure it is well supported.

How big is the cockpit
Dumb as this sounds if enough drops get past those drip rings on a long paddle,you’ll have a nice puddle in the boat.

I installed a mini spray skirt on my artic tern (pygmy boats have almost rec. size cockpit openings)and my need for the towel went away.

wet 'er down from the outside and see where it’s leaking thru. the full boat of water isn’t going to show you leaks on the top of the deck.

I just spray the boat with a hose and ‘see’ where water drips thru.


I don’t think…
…filling the boat with water or hosing it down is going to recreate the same conditions under which its leaking.

Next time you go out, lay a bunch of paper towels or TP around the inside of the boat & then just let it sit in the water for awhile to check for obvious leaks; then paddle for awhile & check for wet spots.