How do I freeze a Smart Track rudder?

I do not want it to turn left or right. I can adjust the up or down contact with the water. I basically want a skeg.

Smart Track has an accessory called the Trim Tab. It essentially disables the foot controls and replaces their function with a little knob on deck. You move the knob to set the rudder at a fixed angle. Since you don’t want to steer, maybe you could come up with something similar that locks the foot controls but deletes the steering knob (and hopefully with no need to drill through the deck).

put it in the freezer :grin::relaxed:

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That’s why I come here for knowledgeable help.

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This crowd never disappoints!

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I’m thinking about removing the Smart Track and putting on a removeable skeg.

I also wanted my SmartTrak (on a Jackson Journey 14) to be a skeg rather than a rudder. I tightened the cables as much as I could w/o engaging the toe controls. Seems to work fine for my intended use this way. Another option I thought of was to fuse the toe controls to the pedals using a shim or epoxy.

I am going to remove the rudder and put a skeg on the boat. I never realized how rounded and slick that hull is.
Without something for the water to grab or vice versa ,it is a pita to control

For a skeg to work properly the amount to which it is deployed should be adjustable according to conditions. Furthermore skegs are generally placed about one quarter the way up from the stern, not behind the stern of the boat.

If a skeg cannot be retracted, you risk damage to the skeg, and possibly the boat when landing, especially on a rough beach or concrete ramp.

They make skeg kits, but it’s generally a major project to install one. It’s not like a rudder kit.

There’s probably a way to lock the foot control cables in place. Maybe some clamps where they exit or enter the hull. You would still be able to change the amount of deployment and retract the rudder completely.

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Get in touch with the Smart Track people via email or text. I had an issue and dealt with them and they went all out trying to help, even sent me another rudder to try out. Nothing but huge respect to the guys at Smart Track.

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