How do I get my daughters into competitive paddling?

Hi All,

I would like to introduce my daughters (7, 10) to competitive paddling. Googling around for youth lessons near NYC hasn’t led me anywhere.

Any pointers would be helpful!



First you have to get them out of cell phones. Hopefully they aren’t there yet.

No experience with youth racing, but know the NYC area pretty well:

This is in Brooklyn, a reputable historic club that does racing:

This is a canoe group, looks pretty serious:

Kayakpro in New Rochelle deals in race boats and other equipment - run by an Olympic paddler who is extremely nice and would probably be able to steer you in the right direction:
His race boats look pretty great, and I have a couple of his EZ-Vee racks which are excellent.

Thank you!

Contact the USCA (United States Canoe Association.)
They have a representative in each state.
I am quite sure at the Nationals they have younger age group catagories

With that said; if you are interested in just novice racing in non racing canoes, get to your closest Out door outfitting store. They should have a list of any local events.

Jack L

Thank you.

What do the daughters want to do?

Overstreet’s question is the core one. Kids are interested in the activities their parents like.
Do you race and take the along?

This is why I included the word “introduce”. They’ve watched videos and enjoy paddling. Want to try it.

The Canoe Nationals are in Syracuse this summer. They are looking for volunteers to help out. Contact nymcra to find out how and where. That might be a good introduction and incentive to do some paddling as well.