How do I install/tighten this spray skirt?

Got this new spray skirt Level Six excursion and I’m not quite sure I understand how the rear is supposed to be tighten or attached. It’s just 2 ropes with a piece of tube?

Here’s a picture of the rear

Am I missing something here? Am I supposed to just do a knot? Lol, just want to make sure.

First take a lighter and carefully fuse the frayed ends. Then place the skirt on the cockpit rim , pull to tighten, and then tie a knot. Test it out to make sure it’s not too tight or loose when wearing it.

Most skirts come pre-tensioned, but are adjustable.

Ok thanks. Made overhand knots with them and works now.

the little piece of clear plastic tube goes over the bungees before tying a knot. It allows the bungee to seal better {under the combing}

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Got it that’s how it’s set up. Thanks.